Upcoming races with Summit Velo

3 Bears #1 – May 20 – Picacho, AZ

20K and 30K TT


3 Bears #2 – Aug 19 – Picacho, AZ

20K and 30K TT


Arizona State ITT Championship – Aug 19 – Picacho, AZ

20K TT

3 Bears Time Trial 2018 Flyer

We will be awarding a unique trophy to the fastest Female and fastest Male

racer during the Arizona State ITT championship races.  Here is what they look like:

3 Bears #1 RESULTS

Are you looking for a team that offers training clinics, monthly social gatherings and supports racing in Arizona?

Summit Velo just may be the club for you.

We ask our members to support the races we promote, but offer many benefits.

Race 6 times and your kit for the next year is free AND you get

some of your race fees paid back to you.

Members get free socks and water bottles.

Those are just some of the benefits of being a member of Summit Velo.

To see more just click here.