Summit Velo is a USAC road racing Club. We are somewhat unique in that we define our Club not only by our members racing but in giving equal status to non racers who help support racing by their contribution to putting on races and in supporting the Arizona racing community. We have members who race a lot, some who race every once in while, and some who never race. But all of our Team members are expected to support racing and this can be accomplished by racing, working to help put on events, or some combination of the two.

The Board is constantly evaluating our membership policies in order to keep them in line with the goals of our club and to ensure the long term viability of the Club. The Board also believes strongly that an important component of being on a Team is a sense of belonging to the group which is expressed by contributing to the work of the Team.

With this in mind, we are announcing some changes in our membership policies and dues structure. We believe these changes will promote both the long term viability of the Club and improve the equity in the way members contribute to the Club’s success.

We will continue to have the two forms of membership that we currently have — Team and Social. The primary membership status will be Team memberships. The heart of our Club and how we are able to put on our events and fulfill our mission of supporting racing in Arizona is through our Team members. All members who live primarily in the Tucson area are expected to join as full Team members. All members who hold an annual USAC license with Summit Velo as their Road Team are expected to join as full Team members. And all Team members are expected to fulfill the obligations which are shown below.

We want to reserve the Social memberships for folks who really are not able to participate fully in the Club. So, this will basically be for spouses of Team members and for part time residents of the Tucson area who can not be available to fulfill the volunteer obligations of full Team membership. There may be certain other situations in which a Social membership may be appropriate and the the Board is happy to consider them on a case by case basis.

Going forward, any Team member who is unable to fulfill their obligations of membership during a season will be suspended for the following season. As there may be special circumstances, any suspended member can appeal their suspension to the Board. The purpose of this policy is not to punish members but rather to assure that the Club can accomplish its goals in an equitable manner among its members.

2016 Summit Velo Membership Application

Dues may be sent to our Postal mail address.
Summit Velo
P. O. Box 64303
Tucson, AZ 85728

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