The club is having a Team/Group Ride, Fit Clinic and lunch on January 26th. The plan is to start on the northwest corner of Craycroft and Golf Links and ride along the Aviation/Golf Links Bikeway then going over to the Julian Wash and then on to the Santa Cruz path, over to the University and on to the Fitworks studio for the Fit Clinic and Lunch. We will then ride back to the starting point along the Aviation/Golf Links Bikeway.

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Summit Velo races for 2019

Flapjack Flats TT – March 24 – Picacho Peak

3 Bears #1 – May 19 – Picacho Peak

State 20K & 40K TT – 3 Bears #2 – August 4 – Picacho Peak

Details will follow.

Looking for a team that offers training clinics, monthly social gatherings and supports racing in Arizona?

Summit Velo just may be the club for you.

We ask our members to support the races we promote, but offer many benefits.

Race 6 times and your kit for the next year is free AND you get

some of your race fees paid back to you.

Members get free socks and water bottles.

Those are just some of the benefits of being a member of Summit Velo.

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