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The Great Eclipse Adventure

Late last year I became aware that there was going to be total eclipse of the sun and having seen many partial eclipses, I was really wanting to go see this event.  In January, I actually started researching how and what to do to view it.  I went looking for information about where the best place or places would be… Read more →

Just Thursday this week

Well Tuesday was a bust for me.  Seems a new medication change has brought along with it excess stomach acid, causing acid reflux.  This is not pleasant and when it happens during sleep I’m no longer sleeping.  Monday night was such a night and the prospect of only getting about 5 hours of sleep meant that I would not be… Read more →

Going out of the saddle is not always faster

This is the second installment of Tuesdays and Thursdays on the Lemmon for 2017.  Tuesday was a great day weatherwise but unfortunately no one joined me for the ride.  On the way up to 7 Cats, I only passed 10 cyclists.  With the rains on the northeast side of Tucson, the water cascading off the mountain was in full glory.… Read more →

First Tuesday and Thursday of the year

Mt Lemmon after rain storms is a different place than any other.  On Tuesday, Sharon and I rode from 7 Cats to the sounds of running water.  Imagine, running water in the desert, but there it was. We could hear the waterfalls at 7 Cats in the distance, and as we ascended the mountain, we cross over a well disguised… Read more →

What’s this about rain?

It’s been raining in Tucson, or at least in the Northeast part of town.  We have had almost an inch and a half of rain the last few days. What does this have to do with riding your bicycle?  Well, it creates sand bars in the dips, puddles of water and sometimes small lakes all to be avoided.  In addition… Read more →

USA Masters Games 2017

The USA Masters Games has had it’s third edition.  The first two being in North Carolina, Cary and last year in Greensboro.  This edition was scheduled for San Diego.  It’s an Olympic style festival with all sorts of sports, including cycling.  How could I say no when it was so close and different from what we have in Arizona.  I… Read more →

Just to Windy

Again the call went out for folks to join a ride on the mountain.  Jim and I were ready to ride at 6:30.  I had the seeming luxury of a  massage the night before.  My legs were sore from a workout on Tuesday, so that was the focus.  Much mashing, rubbing and separating of fascia later, the legs felt pretty… Read more →

Mt Lemmon – 6/17/17

The call went out to the team to get folks interested in going up Lemmon from 7 Cats.  This was the fourth weekend of such escapades.  Team members came from near and far for the 7 AM departure.  The member with the prize for the longest distance traveled to the start was Sharon Scofield.  Oh, did I remind you all… Read more →

Mt Lemmon – 7 Cats to Geology Vista – 6/10/17

Mt Lemmon 2017. I started using the mountain for training again this year. It seemed important to repeat the kind of rides Gary started last year. Gary had a Saturday ride that started at River and Campbell. The general route was Northwest to Continental Ranch. Most Saturdays a group from 4 to 10 went on this ride. Pretty successful. Some… Read more →