Mt Lemmon – 6/17/17

The call went out to the team to get folks interested in going up Lemmon from 7 Cats.  This was the fourth weekend of such escapades.  Team members came from near and far for the 7 AM departure.  The member with the prize for the longest distance traveled to the start was Sharon Scofield.  Oh, did I remind you all there is no real Prize for the member traveling the longest distance to get to the start.

On the way up, Barb and I counted 102 bicycle riders going up the mountain.  Last week, I think we counted 92.  I don’t think this is indicative of a 10% increase each week, but it does show a lot of riders like the mountain for training.

Our little band only counted 6.  Fleck had started from McDonald park and was part 102, but was not among those starting together from 7 Cats.  Turns out he was about 10 minutes behind.

The intrepid troupe. Ted, Jim, Sharon, Barb, Craig and Bill

The intrepid troupe. Ted, Jim, Sharon, Barb, Craig and Bill

So we head out.  The morning is clear, no wind, and mid 70s.  It must be a terrible day for riding, NOT!  It’s great.  We go up mostly in pairs.  Barb and Jim went off ahead of everyone.  Barb! Jim later left Barb but circled back and rode with Ted.  Craig had earlier dropped back to make sure Bill was doing OK.  Sharon and I rode for a while together.  After Middle Bear we sort of broke apart.  By time Ted got up to Windy Point, Jim, Barb, Sharon and Craig were just hanging out.  Ted just rode past trying to get ahead of the others, since that’s the only way for him to get any advantage on the Mountain.  Sharon was going to turn around at Geology Vista, while the others continued up the Mountain. Fleck was behind, but we didn’t know how far.  Bill had turned around earlier.

It got cooler as we ascended.  Ted was passed by Jim and Craig by the time he got to Hoodoo Vista.  He’s used to riding alone.  Finally Ted pulled into the Palisades parking area.  Shortly after, Barb comes riding up. Barb!  A couple of minutes later, Fleck.


Barb and Fleck decide to go back down.  Craig is going up the Summerhaven to get a ride back down from Kathleen who will be waiting for him.  Jim says he wants to go up a little more. Off he goes, and Ted tries to go with them.  Not going to happen, a gap opens before he can catch on.  Still he rides on.  Up to Whitetail where Jim is turning around.  It’s good that Jim decided to turn around there since Ted wasn’t going to go any further.

Jim and Ted at Whitetail

Why does Jim look happier? Still can’t get this selfie thing right yet.